about me

I'm Krizia and I live in NYC, Queens to be exact, with all the other Filipinos. I'm a nurse by day (or some 40 hours in the week) and a food adventurer the rest of the time!

My introduction to foodie culture began with my weekly dates with my father. I was such a picky eater as a child, but he taught me how to be open to new things. He'd tell me, "Try everything once. There's so much out there." And so I begin with that framework: try everything once. Try it all, in fact. The world is so big, so full of people, all of whom are little creators with their own taste palettes.

Thankfully, I have no allergies to speak of, so eating all different kinds of food is just a question of, "How far do I want to go today?" Thus far, I haven't tried scorpions, lizards, or snakes, but I will someday.

I suppose my greatest dream is to travel the world, eating my way through it. There's just something so intimate about food. It literally becomes part of you. So we should cherish each meal. From home-cooking to fine dining, you know that someone poured his or her heart out into the dish.

And with that thought, I'm ready to take you on my foodie adventures! Cheers!

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