The Famous Peter Luger Steakhouse

A good dining experience begins with ambience. I had just come from a few hours of poolside girl talk at the exclusive Soho House NYC (you're not even allowed to take pictures in there!) when I walked into this men's club. Indeed, there were maybe five women to the other 40 men dining there at the time. From the roughened wood to the terse bartender, I should have known that this was a testosterone-driven place, where men could hark back to their club-beating days. And with that in mind, how could they not serve really good meat? Our porterhouse steak (for those who don't know, a porterhouse features both sirloin cuts and the leaner filet mignon cuts in one steak) was cooked perfectly. We always order medium rare, and this was so juicy with the jus dripping down, yet had some crisp on the outside. Top it off with the highlight of the night, Peter Luger's own sweet, tangy steak house sauce, and it was perfection. For our appetizer, we ordered the sliced tomatoes with the house sauce. And it was exactly that: sliced tomatoes with house sauce. Men really are quite literal. The tomato was this monstrosity, but that was good since the order was for two. It was a good tomato, and the house sauce really did match. However, I couldn't help but compare it with Rosemary NYC's tomato appetizer. Rosemary's has their own upstairs garden, so the tomatoes are grown with love and care and served fresh. No frills either, just a sprinkling of good quality olive oil, but the quality of Rosemary's tomatoes really shines through. For the sides, we ordered creamed spinach and the German potatoes. I liked that they were served family-style, giving the meal a more homey feel. Think diner home fries and creamed spinach. Then remind yourself, at Peter Luger it's all about the steak. To wit, it's all about the steak. Notes: Ambience - Men's Club Attire - Casual Price - We spent $180 for two, not including drinks. Location - Brooklyn

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