Levain - Yup, THOSE Cookies

Quick Look: Casual, Take-out, bakery Price - $4 a cookie!!! Location - One in the Upper West Side, Harlem, the Hamptons Except for the bench full of tourists outside, you would never guess this little hole-in-the-wall was the home of NYC's alleged best cookies. Step a little closer to the bakery's blue shutters and the freshly baked cookie smell hits you. The mouthwatering aroma is everything all the gut-wrenching nostalgia ads try to evoke. I felt like a little kid again, thinking, "Mom, I'm home, what's in the oven?" It goes without saying that we ordered one of each of the four cookies: chocolate chip with walnuts, oatmeal raisin, dark chocolate chocolate chip, and dark chocolate peanut butter chip. First of all the cookies are basically scones. They're meals unto themselves, and I swear they weigh five pounds each. Five pounds of buttery goodness! Calling all my Asians and Asian lovers! Remember the Meiji Yan-Yan snack with chocolate dip? I loved the Levain chocolate chip cookie so much precisely because their chocolate chips reminded me of the Yan-Yan dip that we all used to lick off our fingers up to the last drop (don't even try to say you didn't!). The dark chocolate chocolate chip was good for the same reason, and my mother the chocolate lover liked this one best. My partner in crime who shall not be named is a pastry chef, and he hates too-sweet desserts. So it follows that his favorite was the oatmeal raisin cookie. Couldn't really taste the oatmeal, DEFINITELY got hit with the butter, and overall yummy. I just have to say that Levain uses excellent ingredients. I loved the peanut better chips they used for the dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookie. Remember Nutter Butters? Can you say cookie coma?

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