The Jack Daniels Lynchburg General Store in NYC

Who doesn't love a good pop-up? And it's a free promo? By Jack Daniels? Count me in! (Gotta love this city.) On 5th ave, between 21st and 22nd street, there was a shrine to Jack Daniels, and it featured some surprisingly fun booths. Walk in, and it's Lynchburg, Tennessee, circa 1950's. My eyes were immediately pulled to the old fashioned barber shop, complete with pin-up bombshell hair stylists and a sign that said, "Five dollar charge for whining." Lizzy was awesome, and she gave me pin curls in all of five minutes. Conveniently, a GIF maker was available on the spot. We are the generation of selfies and photo booths after all. As soon as we stepped away, a man in a pin-stripe uniform, reminiscent of those seen in soda shops in the old movies, handed us THE BEST black and white cookies I've had in a very long time. I ended up taking four more home with me. Miss Mary Bobo's bakery treats were indeed delightful. Then the live bluegrass lured us to the back of the room (I'm a sucker for any kind of music played well), and I got to play checkers with this really nice old man in plaid and suspenders (I lost). He told us all about how Jack Daniels kicked an old safe, getting his toe infected, which eventually led to his death. Sure, okay, anything to give the antique-looking safe smack dab in the middle of the room importance I guess. We played with the virtual reality tour of Lynchburg, and got our rockstar pictures taken, because Jack and rock and roll go hand in hand? We ended with the Jack Daniels whiskey tasting. It started with moonshine (140 proof??!). Moved on to a processed whiskey. And the last was the aged No. 7 Jack Daniels. You really can tell the difference when they're lined up like that. And by the third taste, we were all definitely happier than when we came in.

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