New York Comic Con 2016 and Post-NYCC Dinner at Ollie's

Food court. Events like these always have an overpriced food court. We paid $4.00 a slice for plain cheese that was six inches from tip to crust. Thankfully, they were pretty good slices. Plus another $4.00 for what they called a large soda, but was in reality more like a medium. There were also hot dogs, popcorn stands, barbeque options, and other food kiosks you'd normally find at concerts. Now that the food part is out of the way, I can start from the beginning. It was one of those days where nothing works out right. The shirt I planned to wear had holes in it, and my eyeliner wouldn't come out right. Disaster. I just kept telling myself to remember the old theater adage in which a bad dress rehearsal means a great opening night. I figured my bad morning would mean a better afternoon. Something like that. Anyway, I finally made it to the Star Wars book panel just as it started. Timothy Zahn is happy with the way Star Wars Rebels is treating Thrawn, and he looks forward to writing him in a different era, since The Force Awakens pretty much reset the canon. Timothy Zahn, Chuck Wendig, and Jim Luceno all wake up at 6:00 in the morning to write their books, and try to maintain strict schedules. A lot of new books are coming out next year, including one on Ahsoka Tano. Sadly, I didn't make it to the autograph signing (D*mn it!). As I walked over to Javitz Center, I scored a free mini Harley Quinn toy. Things started to look up already. Then, my friends and I proceeded to the Voltron season two, episode one, screening, where we won front row seats! The new Netflix Voltron has such an American feel to it now. I'm one of those who can never watch anime dubbed in English, because so many of the nuances are lost. The costume of the day for girls was (you guessed it!): Harley Quinn and the short shorts. We took pictures with C3PO and R2D2, got Hello Kitty freebies from the Sanrio booth, and I picked up a really nice Japanese print and cute cat ears for Halloween. By about 6:00 pm we were all tired and hungry, so we walked over to an old go-to: Ollie's Sichuan Restaurant on 42nd St. and 9th Ave. We were three adults and one kid, and we ordered the house spare ribs, yang chow fried rice, seafood pan fried noodles, a whole crispy sea bass, soy sauce chicken, and soup dumplings. The house spare ribs were amazing! I ate 3/4 of it. The yang chow fried rice and seafood pan fried noodles were good, standard stuff. The sea bass was especially good, nice and crunchy with a sweet and sour sauce on top. The soy sauce chicken was meh, and it was the only thing we didn't finish. The soup dumplings were tasty, but the wrapper was too thick and the meat inside was maybe just 1/3 of the space inside. It could definitely use some improvement. Along with two beers, the check came out to $105.00 plus tip. Not bad for a restaurant in the middle of Times Square! And now, I'm writing this and falling straight into my food coma. Enjoy the pictures!

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