Nomo Kitchen

Spectacular! I love this venue! On a little street called Crosby Street, in the middle of Soho lies this gem. The vined archway and stone path leading up to the hotel should clue you into how wonderful the experience is going to be. The hosts and servers are all beautiful people, making you feel as if you've stepped into some kind of green wonderland.

It's an oasis, a greenhouse where sunlight shines through the glass walls. And oh, the lights! The chandeliers! There's nothing they didn't do right when designing Nomo Kitchen.

Better yet, they really delivered on the food. Thank you food gods! Because I would have been so disappointed had the food been regular hotel food. We started with drinks, and I had the La Carioca (kaffir lime leaves infused yaguara cachaça, passion fruit, lime, dill). The passion fruit flavor really shone through, yet the lime made it refreshing. Because of the fruit, lime, and dill, there was some texture to the drink, making it a little bit thicker, which I liked.

The next drink I had was the Pearfume (Grey Goose la poire, bergamot juice, sage). It smelled wonderfully clean and tasted that way, too. I might have to buy my own bottle of Grey Goose la poire for my next dinner party.

I ordered the Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe. How many times can I say "wonderful" in the same post? To be honest, I thought it was better than the cacio e pepe at Lupa. It had a perfectly poached egg on top. The fennel pollen and cracked pepper added nice textures and brought out the mild cheese taste.

We also shared the cauliflower tempura (with toasted pistachio chili paste) and mini tacos (grouper tempura, Mexican mangos, sriracha aioli). The cauliflower tempura was made so well I could almost pretend it was shrimp, and the paste was just the right amount of nutty mixed with sweet. It's a dish any Asian would love. The mini tacos were tasty, but I would have wanted a little more mango in them.

The bill came out to $160 for two cocktails, two beers, three appetizers, and two entrees. When I first began, I really hesitated to rate restaurants. I know a lot of people put their blood, sweat, and tears into making these places work. So, I'll keep it simple. The first criterion is ambience, the second is service, and the third is food. Nomo Kitchen definitely rates a 3/3


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