Baby Brasa

Our group texts started out as usual, "Are we going to cosme tonight?" To which the usual replies were, "We're broke, but we can do a cheap eat." And so we decided to try Baby Brasa in LES. It's a pleasant three-block walk from the Delancey stop on the F train, passing by some of those New Allen street art walls. Swing a right and there it stands on the left side. I love restaurants that utilize big, open windows, and like most small ramen shops, just bar seating around the kitchen area. The yellow neon sign outside, accentuated by the highlights from the lavender neon signs inside, was actually quite nice, not garish at all. And with the soothing guitar instrumentals in the background, I doubt a cheap eat place could get much classier.

And also as usual, the girls decided the menu. With some prodding by the muscle-bound owner in a tight sleeveless muscle shirt, we started with the yuca fries ($4) and the ensalada mixta ($12). I'm not a big fan of yuca, but Jennie said they were good. I absolutely loved the ensalada mixta (arugula, cilantro, pickled watermelon radish, pineapple, salsa criolla, peruvian corn, rocoto vinaigrette). I'd say it was the best salad I've had in a while. It had the different textures, the soft tomatoes and arugula with that crunch from the radish and nuts. The dressing was sweet vinaigrette. Sweet!

We ordered the rotisserie: organic, free-range Amish chicken made with Peruvian spices, with house mayo and rocoto salsa on the side ($7 for quarter chicken). We all had dark meat. It was a good, clean taste, like a classy version of the even cheaper Peruvian chicken places we're all used to.

For sides we had the arroz con choclo ($4) and plantain ($4). Both good, standard.

All in all, I'd say it was a successful choice, but we were all still hungry afterward. We're pretty big eaters, so we should've ordered either more sides or more than a quarter chicken each.


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