Raise the Macallan

It was 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thank goodness we were late and didn't have to wait 20 minutes on the line outside.

The first portion of the event, cocktails and canapes, was held downstairs. Everyone received a glass of 10 year Macallan upon entry. My favorite exhibit was the Macallan nosing station, where you could sniff four different types of whiskey.

We had just settled into sipping our drinks, when the servers literally took them from us. Apparently we weren't allowed to bring them upstairs, where the main event was being held, and where four more tasting glasses of whiskey were already waiting for us. I still don't get why we couldn't just bring the glasses upstairs with us.

My favorite part of the night was Kieron, the US representative of Macallan. He made us all laugh, and his accent was so cute! Women always fall for the accent

Favorite whiskey of the night: a tie between the 12 year double cask and the rare cask.

Comparing the Ardbeg event during the summer and the Macallan event, I'd say Ardbeg was more generous in terms of the quantity and the different kinds of drinks, cocktails, and canapes, but the Macallan event was more organized and more classy.

Meeting friends and free whiskey - always a winner.

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