New York Taste 2016

Foie gras? Le Coucou is serving foie gras in a bouillon (broth).

Uni? Amada's got you covered with their revuelto, consisting of soft scrambled egg, uni, and piperade.

Still feeling cold from lining up outside? How about some ramen? Head over to the Momosan Ramen booth by Iron Chef Morimoto.

What was that? Was it dessert you wanted? La Sirena is serving a nice torta nociola, with layers of milk chocolate, hazelnut, and passion fruit.

Not really into fancy pastries? Gramercy Tavern has just the thing for you: donuts. Peanut butter and concorde grape donuts. In other words, peanut butter and jelly donuts.

New York Taste was a food lover's dream come true. Perfectly priced, the $100 general admission tickets ensured that the dedicated attended. Honestly, I thought it was a steal, as there was free-flowing wine, beer, and cocktails. Between my partner and I, we must have had maybe six drinks each. In NYC each drink would be at least $10, so at $60 in drinks consumed each, and then getting to meet Morimoto, it was all definitely worth it.

I feel like this post is a jumbled mess, and I had this same ecstatically overwhelmed feeling when we entered the venue. It was perfect. As you walk in, the jazz band is to the left, setting the mood. The photo booth is also right there, so you can get that out of the way. And first stop: wine bar. The venue was a long brick-walled hallway with those cute hipster tea lights. Nearest to the entrance were the appetizers, like crudo, and soups, then the entrees, and desserts at the back. I applaud the NY Mag and Grub Street for organizing such a smooth event.

My favorite dishes of the night: Nueske's bacon with peanut butter and jalapeno jelly by Quality Eats and Tuome's noodles with snow crab and dashi butter.

Till next year!

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