Roberta's Pizza

One of the things I love about being Asian is that everyone eats. Especially if you have friends visiting from wherever. Eats. Lots of eats.

Trusting in a recommendation from a chef friend, we found ourselves in Bushwick (known by tourists for its art walls).

As an aside, if you're from NYC, you'd know how different the boroughs are, even down to the different sections within those boroughs. And if you're from Queens, going to Brooklyn is so...meh. I'm sure Brooklyn natives can say the same about Queens. For the life of me, I still can't understand why there aren't more subways connecting the two boroughs, which lie on the same land mass! They're literally next to each other, no East River separating them or anything like that. And we still can't get together. NYC is truly a microcosm of the rest of the country, but then I digress.

Anywho, we ended up at Roberta's. And yes, it was so worth it. We recently gave up our love for John's Pizza on Bleecker Street in Manhattan because of the over-inflated prices (insert eye-roll at the tourists). Roberta's is a worthy replacement. It's so good in fact that I would gladly pay for a $12 Lyft to get over there (taking the subway would mean over an hour going from Queens to Manhattan back to Brooklyn, sigh).

For starters, the squid appetizer was awesome! Just the right amount of acid and heat. Just the right texture.

Our two-year-old guest favored the cacio e pepe, a little heavy on the pepper, giving it a bit of spice.

Ursula pizza. Period. It was the pizza special of the night, featuring clams prepared in a white wine sauce. It was garlicky. Lemon-y. And delicious.

We were three adults sharing a bottle of wine, and a minimum of three pizzas was needed. So we also ordered the cowabunga dude (their everything pizza) and the mushroom-prosciutto pizza. All of the ingredients were well chosen, quality.

What pushed me to name this my next favorite pizza is the crust. I usually leave that to the side, but this time I even stole uneaten crusts from neighboring plates. To be honest, I could have eaten more, but I figured I'd save it for another day.

Another thing I liked was the space. This wasn't a small eatery. There are four different sections: the first section by the pizza oven, another family-oriented section indoors, an outdoor bar area with tables and seats, and a sort of backyard with picnic tables. There was even a little coat room, as in an actual room where strollers could be stored, along with a couch and coat rack. SPACE. Quite rare in NYC.

Four adults and a two year old spent about $200, including a bottle of wine, a pasta dish, an appetizer, and three pizzas. I've spent the same amount just by myself. So I consider this a pretty good deal, especially considering the locale and the quality of the food.

Can't wait to go again.

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