Shaktoberfest at the Brooklyn Brewery

I'm from Queens. But I find myself heading to Brooklyn more often lately. We were just at Roberta's, then the Taste Talks in Williamsburg, skating at House of Yes, and now the Brooklyn Brewery. I never thought I'd see the day.

What brought us here: free beer and free Shake Shack!

Most of these events are packed, with lines snaking around the block as far as an hour in advance. I arrived just in time. So when my friend asked where in line I was, I assumed I was in the back. Turns out I was right by the door.

The Brooklyn Brewery is cute, with picnic tables and lights strung above. I always liked their Summer Ale. Honestly, I'm not sure which beer they thrust into my hands, but it was good Brooklyn Brewery stuff.

Burgers arrived around 7:30pm, and we found ourselves at the front of the line again. They gave us full sized burgers with extra shack sauce. Yum!

It was a wonderful way to pre-game for the upcoming Oktoberfest gatherings.

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