I usually keep things light with bare allusions to friends, but I'm crazy lately.

I'm in a tumultuous romance. Literally every other day we fight and tear each other apart. And literally every other day we're all over each other, like we can't bear to be apart.

Most of it is my fault. But this punishment is getting to be too much. I don't know why I keep letting us drag ourselves into this vortex of doom and depression.

One day, I thought, "I simply can't live like this. We're going to change things now." And so I asked him on a date. It took a couple more fights, near break-ups, lunatic scenes where I didn't even recognize myself, before we actually went on this date. And not to be a spoiler, but we still fought the next day anyway.

So, the date. My idea. Places I wanted to go, because he owed me for another fight. It was supposed to be K day. Well, K day started off with a misunderstanding, and we didn't actually get out until 1:00 pm.

I wanted to go on a boat ride. NYC ferry, I thank you. For being just $2.75 and taking the scenic route to prime spots in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. I love feeling the wind and the sun. And ever notice how much more well-behaved people are on boats in general? I bet it has something to do with everyone being afraid to be thrown overboard if they're too big of an asshole.

We went to Dumbo in Brooklyn. Because, after some thought, I wanted to complete another previous date which was aborted mid-way due to some emergency of his. He has a lot of those.

We walked around, didn't get too far. Got hungry. Didn't want to eat in the area, because of the tourists. Looked up hot spots for September 2018 on Eater NY. Found Le Fond on Norman Ave.

Oasis. It was so cute, from the dangling lights to the checkered floors and the dried flowers on the tables. And the hostess / waitress / server was charming.

There was a Sunday special: a burger with beer combo for $18. We got that. And their version of a fried mac-n-cheese with ham. And pork tenderloin with sweet potato puree. You can guess who chose the pork tenderloin.

To get more into it, the mac-n-cheese was actually a fried gnocchi made with gruyere over a cheesy dressing and topped with prosciutto. I think they could have gotten better prosciutto. It was thin, waxy, and tasteless. But overall, I still enjoyed the dish.

The pork tenderloin was well cooked, topped with a mushroom cream foam. The pork itself could have used more seasoning. But putting a bit of the pork, foam, mushroom, and sweet potato puree onto a single bite did bring the flavors together. The sweet potato puree was the definite winner of this dish.

The burger. He didn't finish it. They used a stale brioche. But the fries were made from real potatoes and were salty enough.

Decent prices, decent food, great ambience and service. We spent $68. And a few hours just talking and having fun together. Priceless.

Restaurant: Le Fond

Location: Brooklyn, NY

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